The following pages describe a travel through the Antarctic peninsula, its islands and basis.

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Antarctica (2)

Two passengers
Good  parents

These have to be bred in some way! And the nest has to be remain clean, but only the nest (look at the excrements as star around, be careful with the flecks!).



I had chosen a quiet place but... Still, I'll take this pebble which seams not to be at its place! When I think they stole it from me! Come on, I'll rob one from him.

Good  parents

The Vernadsky Ukrainian basis emerges from the fog.




Visit to the bar as usually and stamping of the passports by the Chief of the basis.




After a mistake, some soft water has been lost. The station is able to help us with a thousand liters. As a "quid pro quo", we'll drop them on an island so that they save some fuel.

Let's go, men are taken on board with the material for a reports campaign.

Let's go!




Sampling and conservation in a plastic bag. It's moss and lichen and the bacterial flora will also be analyzed.

Checking wildlife


Checking wildlife

With a GPS antenna on his cap and a diagram on his hand, this technician writes down the number and the race of the penguins that live here.





Go to work

We drop them near from another island, from where they will go on with their work and then go back to the station by themselves. The only little problem is that there is some gust and they may have to wait until it stops.








Melchior, beautiful archipelago, well sheltered and from where it's possible to wait for the weather forecast to get over the Drake.


Anchorage in Melchior. This "little" piece of snow would really do a beautiful wave!

Sphinx  ice
Have we met the sphinx Ice?

Francisco Solana wanted more ice, he is happy

Back Horn

The Antarctic is over, we have to cross the Drake again, on 600 miles that separate the two continents.









South sea

Some gust force 9 on such a boat when arriving to Cap Horn is the best. I'd just like to make a last comment: at these latitudes, a 20 m sailing ship is ok, less than that may be not enough!


Going there


Towards the pictures of the cruise


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